The Originals Fellowship Picnic

Date & Time – Sat, Aug 5, 2023 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM MDT

Location – Kinsmen Park Picnic Site #1 around 9100 Walterdale Hill Edmonton, Ab T6E 2V3 Canada

Price – Free

About This Event

Hey there, family!

We’re absolutely thrilled to invite you to The Originals Fellowship Picnic! This isn’t just any picnic – it’s a grand reunion of the original members from Living Faith / Word of Life Edmonton, Church on 99 Edmonton, and the current Celebration Church Edmonton. We’re all about reliving the good old days and reigniting the bonds that have always kept us together.

We’re super excited to see each and every one of you! This is a chance to reconnect, to reminisce, and to celebrate the friendships that have stood the test of time. We’re going back to our roots, back to where it all began, back to “back in the day”!

And guess what? We’re making this a potluck event! So, bring along your favorite dish, that special recipe that screams ‘you’, or anything you’d love to share. After all, what’s a picnic without a feast, right?

But hey, we might not have everyone’s contact information. So, do us a favor, will you? If you know someone from the group who should be part of this, go ahead and share this invite with them. Let’s make sure no one misses out on the fun!

Remember, this is more than just a picnic. It’s a celebration of us, of our journey together, and of the friendships that make us who we are. So, come along and let’s make some more memories!

See you soon!

How to Book Ticket For The Event?

Tickets for The Originals Fellowship Picnic can be obtained from the AllEvents website.

Once on the page, you’ll find a “Get Tickets” button. Clicking on this button will guide you through the process of securing your tickets. The tickets for this event are free of charge, which means everyone interested in joining can do so without any financial constraints.

For any further queries, you can contact the event organizers, Maria Cortez and Mary Beamish, directly through the contact information provided on the event page.


To confirm your attendance, please RSVP to Maria Cortez at 780-909-8595.

Essential Tips for Attending The Originals Fellowship Picnic

Attending The Originals Fellowship Picnic sounds like a fun and memorable experience. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the event:

  1. What to Bring: Since it’s a potluck event, prepare a dish that you would like to share with others. It could be a family favorite, a specialty of yours, or a dish that you think the group would enjoy. Also, consider bringing along items that might be useful for a picnic, such as a blanket to sit on, sunscreen, bug spray, and perhaps some games or activities to enjoy.
  2. What to Wear: As the event is outdoors, dress appropriately for the weather. Comfortable and casual clothing would be suitable. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, especially if you plan to participate in any games or activities. If the weather forecast suggests it might be sunny, consider wearing a hat and sunglasses for protection.
  3. When to Arrive: It’s generally a good idea to arrive a bit early to such events. This gives you time to find a good spot, set up, and greet others as they arrive. However, the exact time would depend on the event’s schedule, so make sure to check the details provided by the event organizers.
  4. RSVP: Don’t forget to RSVP to Maria Cortez at the provided contact number. This helps the organizers plan better and ensures they know to expect you.
  5. Connect with Others: This event is a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Don’t hesitate to reach out to others, share stories, and enjoy the company.
  6. Health Precautions: Given the ongoing global health situation, it’s important to follow any health and safety guidelines provided by the event organizers or local health authorities. This might include wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance, and sanitizing hands regularly.

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